Spiritual Depression mp3 series

Spiritual DepressionI just received the mp3 disc containing the series of sermons by Dr. Lloyd-Jones on Spiritual Depression. These are the sermons from which provided the basis for the popular book of the same name. The sermons were preached at Westminster Chapel from January 10 to July 18, 1954. The sound quality is very good considering these recordings were made over 50 years ago.

In his book, Preaching and Preachers, Dr. Lloyd-Jones had this to say about this series of sermons:

There is a volume of sermons preached by me published under the title Spiritual Depression. The story of how I came to preach that series may help illustrate this matter [of choosing which sermons to preach]. I had actually determined – it seemed to me that I was being led in that way, but undoubtedly it was my own determination – to start a series of sermons on the Epistle to the Ephesians. However, one morning while dressing, quite suddenly and in an overwhelming manner, it seemed to me that the Spirit of God was urging me to preach a series of sermons on ‘spiritual depression.’ Quite literally while I was dressing the series took order in my mind, and all I had to do was to rush as quickly as possible to put down on paper the various texts, and the order in which they had come to me, in that way. I had never thought about preaching a series of sermons on spiritual depression; it had never occurred to me to do so; but it came just like that. I always pay great attention to such happenings. It is a very wonderful and glorious experience apart from anything else; and I would not dare to disobey what I regard as a very definite injunction coming in that manner. I am quite confident that the preaching of that series of sermons was dictated to me by the Spirit Himself.

A friend once remarked that he thought this was the most practical preaching (in book form) that he knew. Well, now the actual sermons can be heard once again and you can judge for yourself! Just order from the Martyn Lloyd-Jones Recordings Trust in the UK or the USA.


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