A Kind of Puritan

Preachers should constantly point their hearers to Christ and celebrate the peace, joy, change of heart and new resources for living that those who come to Him will find. Conventional 20th Century evangelism, to the Doctor’s mind, had three great weaknesses: its manipulative emotionalism, displacing intellectual persuasion, was a kind of brainwashing that encouraged false conversion; the standard form of appeal (‘now I give you an opportunity to respond… I want you to get up out of your seat and come forward…’), in which the preacher acts as if he were the Holy Spirit, has the same unhappy tendency; and the constant failure to insist on radical and thorough repentance in conversion sentences true converts to shallow and stunted growth thereafter.

– J. I. Packer on Dr. Lloyd-Jones in Martyn Lloyd-Jones: Chosen by God, edited by Christopher Catherwood


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