Intervention of God, or evolution of man?

aberavonWhat I am concerned with is this, that this notion of gradual development and progress has taken a very firm root in our churches and is believed very extensively. And if this is so, it is then unnecessary to believe that God intervenes definitely in individual lives – it is a gradual process and we are all gradually improving. No wonder that the words ‘conversion’ and ‘re-birth’ are being heard less and less frequently. No wonder also that men and women in increasing numbers are absenting themselves from places of worship. A Christian church is a place where it is preached that God does intervene and interfere, and that, apart from Him, souls are lost; in her history that intervention has often been seen and witnessed by hundreds and thousands. And as long as the church preached that, and for ever magnified the power of God unto individual salvation, men and women came, sometimes out of fear and for other reasons, but they came because they felt that their attendance might make an eternal difference to their lives.

When the church does not preach the intervention of God, and believes instead in the gradual evolution of men, why! there is no need to go to church or chapel, you can evolve at home our out in the field or on the beach, and that is a perfectly logical position for the world to take up. But it is not Christian and any man who believes and preaches that, according to the teaching of Jesus Christ, has no right to claim the name of Christian. For according to Him men are saved, not by gradual development over millions of years but by a change of life, at times sudden and dramatic, here and now in this present life. If He did not teach that, I ask you in all seriousness, what did He teach?

– Evangelistic Sermons at Aberavon, pg 5.


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