ML-J on liberal vagueness

I am not exaggerating at all when I say that the chief characteristic of the religious outlook of today is vagueness. And what is still worse is that it is claimed that this very element of vagueness is that quality which is most peculiarly and characteristically Christian…

Vague general hopes and aspirations after a higher and better life are regarded as quite sufficient. There is no clarity of view, no definitions of position – everything is vague, fluid, and constantly changing. And, as I have pointed out, they regard any attempt at definition or clarity as being peculiarly anti-Christian and lacking in charity. Any examination of the roots, any insistence upon certain fundamental principles as being absolutely vital and essential to true faith in God, is regarded as being wholly inconsistent with the gospel. Generalizations and nebulous phrases about truth, beauty, and love are the order of the day; they find a little bit of good and of God in everybody and everything, and therefore, whether you believe in Christ as the only begotten of God or not, really does not matter very much and Gandhi is spoken of with the same reverence as our Lord Himself.

From the sermon The Thoroughness of the Gospel, preached September 20, 1931, found in Evangelistic Sermons at Aberavon.


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