The world’s hatred towards Christians

soldierWe have to start with this realization, that the whole organization of the world is against us as Christians. The newspapers are a perfect representation of the mind of the world. Look at what they say, what they teach, what they insinuate. Look at their representation of life, and look at what they are advocating. The same is true of the other instruments – television, radio, and the rest – all belong to the world. The power controlling them is what the Bible call ‘the world’. They do not urge us to think about the soul and our relationship to God and eternity. They are all earth-bound, all within the temporal, the material, the physical. And the world hates the Bible; it is anti-God. You need not go to Russia to get evidence of it; you can find it in the newspapers – the blatant, open, criticizing and ridiculing of the Bible and its teaching. The world is doing that constantly. Most of the great men of the world today are doing this very thing. Such is ‘the world’!

If we fail to realize these things, we are already defeated. The Christian has to realize that the world is against him, that the devil is using the visible, the seen to defeat God’s people, to bring them into confusion, to entangle them, to ensnare the, and thus to stand between them and the blessings that God is ready to give them. How slow we are to realize this! Our Lord says, ‘If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you.’ Do not be surprised, He says. It hated the Lord, and He says, ‘The servant is not greater than his Lord. If they have hated me they will hate you’. And God’s people have always been hated. One main point of the eleventh chapter of Hebrews is to show how the world treated them. The world was ‘not worthy of them’; it persecuted them, it maligned them, it hated them. And ‘the world’, let us remember, can come into the Church; which explains why Christian people often receive persecution from merely nominal Christians. They have always had it, they are still getting it. The mind of the world says, ‘Religion is all right, but you must not go too far, you must not take it too seriously’. There is always hatred on the part of the world for true Christianity.

…We are surrounded by that which is utterly opposed to us and trying to get us down. I am not thinking of open sin only. Worldliness is not confined to flagrant sinning. There are many highly respectable people who are utterly worldy. To be worldy means that God is shut out, Christ is shut out, the holy life is shut off. Very respectable perhaps, but not Christian; that is the essence of worldliness.

– from The Christian Soldier, pages 261-262

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