This site is administered by Sean Richardson. This site has grown out of the original site that is located at my main homepage at MisterRichardson.com, where I had put together the Martyn Lloyd-Jones Online page. I have been maintaining a Martyn Lloyd-Jones page for over ten years now and though I don’t spend nearly as much time on these sites as I ought to, I do try to maintain and add to them as time allows.

I am a cancer survivor after being diagnosed with cancer on my tongue in 2013.

I am currently supplying a Cumberland Presbyterian pulpit in St. Joseph, Tennessee. I taught Bible Doctrine and Church History for 17 years to high school students at a Christian school in  Tennessee. I feel like I still have a few years of teaching left and would love to continue teaching at a Christian school somewhere in the southeastern USA.

You can email me at sean@misterrichardson.com.

One response to “About

  1. Sean,

    I have appreciated your website for some time. You have even linked to an interview I did with Jonathan Catherwood. I have also reviewed a few books about ML-J. I am wanting to bring to your attention this link to an article on my site about a new hardback edition of Spiritual Depression by ML-J. I am wondering if you could promote this on your site as well.


    Thank you brother and God bless.

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