Aspects of Dr. Lloyd-Jones’s Legacy: Some Personal ObservationsJohn Ross

The Lesser-Known Lloyd-JonesJeff Robinson

From Banner of Truth:
MLJ on Van Til on Barth
The Shorter Writings of Dr. Lloyd-Jones
The Piety of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Dr Lloyd-Jones Twenty-five Years On
Advice on Reading Dr Lloyd-Jones
Listening to Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Dr. Lloyd-Jones on the Altar Call
Dr. Lloyd-Jones and Authority in Preaching
Lloyd Jones on Romans 10:3
‘Openness to the Holy Spirit’: How Westminster Chapel Was Turned Around

From the Evangelical Times:
Something Elemental
Memories of Dr. Lloyd-Jones
Life Without God
Dr. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
The Shape of Things to Come
Martyn Lloyd-Jones: 25 Years On
Martyn Lloyd-Jones: Life and Legacy
Defenders of the Faith, Part 2
Dr. Lloyd-Jones and Welsh Evangelicals
Review of Messenger of Grace

2 responses to “Articles

  1. Graycian Chitekwe

    The legacy that the Spirit of God left through the life and works of DMLJ is extraordinary. I thank you for this website, and I believe he is still preaching through this. This is helpful to us upcoming preachers for we can see and follow how the great Preacher Himself did it. God bless you, God bless this legacy as it continues. Imagine here in the outskirts of Africa, we have known this Man of God and his ministry. If it was not for such efforts as this one, and all the works done by great men of God in the likes of Ian H. Murry, we would have been ignorant to the truth. Keep up the work of God. We are being assisted even here in Africa to preach the uncompromised word of salvation and faith.
    God Bless You.
    Graycian Chitekwe – Malawi

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