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Dr. Lloyd-Jones and the PCA

Here’s a nice article by Nick Batzig on Dr. Lloyd-Jones’s influence on the formation of the Presbyterian Church in America – .


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Recent Links

Alistair Begg’s Foreword to Truth Unchanged, Unchanging

Preaching and Preachers 18 part series

Still They Speak

Lessons from the Life and Ministry of Dr. Lloyd-Jones

MLJ on Creation and Evolution

Blogging on Preaching and Preachers

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Recent Links

Martyn Lloyd-Jones on the Question of Secession

Book Review of D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones: The First Forty Years

Lloyd-Jones on Lay Pastors

The Curse of Political Preachers

Update on the Westminster Fellowship

The Story of the Woman who Everyone Thought was a Christian

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Various links from the month of June

Graham Harrison gives us a review of Engaging with Martyn Lloyd-Jones at the Banner of Truth site.

Aaron Menikoff gives us some thoughts about Spiritual Depression. You can read another blog post on Spiritual Depression at Culture2Truth. Andy Fortner continues the posts about Spiritual Depression with some thoughts on Preaching to Yourself.

Heath Cross has several posts about Dr. Lloyd-Jones on his blog, including the sermon, The Living God, and a multi-part series on Preaching and Preachers.

You can also see some questions and answers from the chapters of Preaching and Preachers at the God Is Better Than All site.

And be sure to get your Weekly Dose of Lloyd-Jones.

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Recent blog links

Alistair Begg on Martyn Lloyd-Jones (audio)

MLJ on Praise, Worship, and the Trinity

Dr. Lloyd-Jones on Jonathan Edwards

Martyn Lloyd-Jones Comments on the introductory essays to Genesis in the ESV Study Bible

Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ Attitude Toward the Study of Doctrine

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Recent blog articles from around the world

Book Review of Lloyd-Jones: Messenger of Grace

Peace with God and False Peace

The Place of Humour in Preaching

Scientific Studies in the Sermon on the Mount (video)

Remembering Dr. Lloyd-Jones

Striking Similarities Between Two Extraordinary Expositors

Spiritual Depression Book Review

The King James Version – Happy 400th Birthday!

Whom God Saves and Whom He Doesn’t (A discussion of the 2nd chapter of Great Doctrines of the Bible)

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Links for May

Yes, I know it’s actually June, but I thought I’d go ahead and post a few links from May before it’s much too late!

Lloyd-Jones on Evangelism and Conviction

Review of John Knox and the Reformation

Good Psychology, Bad Christianity


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