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Links for May

Yes, I know it’s actually June, but I thought I’d go ahead and post a few links from May before it’s much too late!

Lloyd-Jones on Evangelism and Conviction

Review of John Knox and the Reformation

Good Psychology, Bad Christianity


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MLJ Links for the month of April

Spiritual Depression in hardback

The Problem of Bringing Entertainment into the Church

Martyn Lloyd-Jones Refutes Universalism

Martyn Lloyd-Jones: Reflections by His Daughter

The International Influence of Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

The Meaning of the Resurrection

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New links for the New Year

Here’s some new links for Dr. Lloyd-Jones:

The Lessons from Martyn Lloyd-Jones series by Adrian Warnock.

A book review of Joy Unspeakable from the Word and Spirit blog.

A report from the ‘Martyn Lloyd-Jones: Life and Legacy’ conference that took place at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford, back in December by David Ceri.


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Discussion on altar calls

Wade Burleson recently posted about Dr Lloyd-Jones and altar calls on his blog and has received many interesting comments.

Check it out.

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Links from Reformation 21

Book Review: Messenger of Grace

Aspects of Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones’ Legacy: Some Personal Observations

On the Gloucestershire Way of Identifying Sheep: A Response to Iain Murray

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ML-J links for the first week of February, 2010

Reading Martyn Lloyd-Jones: A beginning list

Put on the whole armour of God

Our Greatest Hope

Setting the Record Straight about Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Why Pray?

The Lord’s Supper Guards Doctrine

Iain Murray on Evangelicalism Divided, Part 1 ; Part 2

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The Lloyd-Jones/Romans reading challenge

Pastor Reggie Weems of Heritage Baptist Church in Johnson City, Tennessee, has challenged the men of his congregation to read through Dr. Lloyd-Jones’s set of commentaries on Romans.

You can read about it from his blog.

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