Audio Sermons
MLJ Trust
Living Grace broadcast on One Place

Written Sermons
Howell Harris and Revival
William Williams & Welsh Calvinistic Methodism

The Doctor Himself and the Human ConditionMLJ Recordings Trust
A Superabundance of BlessingsMLJ Recordings Trust

From Banner of Truth
Christ and the Wisdom of the World
Peace with God and False Peace
Lloyd-Jones on Revival (1959)
I am a Debtor
500 Years Ago In July
Dr Lloyd-Jones on the Altar Call
A Kingdom Which Cannot Be Shaken
Lloyd-Jones on Romans 10:3

From Peacemakers International
Romans 5:1,2
Romans 8:5-17, Chapter 1
Romans 8:5-17, Chapter 2
Romans 10:3
Romans 10:1-3
Exposition of Romans 12: Christian Conduct – Chapter 9
Exposition of Romans 12: Christian Conduct – Chapter 34
Jesus Christ and Him Crucified
Why Do The Heathen Rage?

From Grace Online Library
Jonathan Edwards and the Crucial Importance of Revival
What is Revival?
Knowledge – False and True
The Authority of Scripture
Christian Conduct
The Real Reason for Revival

From Grace For Today
Are You Preaching The Gospel?
Excerpt From Ephesians 5

From The Highway
Ecclesiola in Ecclesia
The Only Way
God and Time
The Everlasting Covenant
Judicial Hardening

Life Without GodEvangelical Times

Jonathan Edwards and the Importance of RevivalJonathan Edwards Online

What Mean These Stones?Emmanuel Evangelical Church

Introduction to John Fletcher’s Christ Manifested

Sermons by Dr Lloyd-Jones are now on Sermon

4 responses to “Sermons

  1. Ryan Rosene

    I really like this web site! Great job. I first became aware of Martyn Lloyd-Jones while I was in prison, from 1999-2009. I was reading a lot of books by Dr. John MacArthur and John Piper and they kept quoting him quite a lot. Therefore, my investigative nature wnated to read him for myself. Dr. Lloyd-Jones was an extraordinary man of God. He taught me a lot about the Christian life through his books and sermons I have had the opportunity to listen to. It is my prayer that his sermons will continue to change the lives of countless men and women aroud the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

  2. tony

    I agree with last response in that I to have learned so much under mlj’s teaching. he was a mighty man of God, and one of the great characteristics of him is his balance in all things, doctrine and experence should always go together and his love to all those who love the Lord Jesus in sincerity, regardless of different views on nonessentials . He was, and in my opinion, the greatest teacher of the 20th century. what a blessing he was and is to so many. Keep the balance. amen

  3. John Haggerty

    I am heartened by the witness of Ryan and Tony. For many years I had been greatly interested in what I called ‘the origins of Christianity’. I would read books by New Testament scholars but I could come to no definite conclusions. Conversion? It was something that happened to other people. Not to me. I just wasn’t ‘wired’ that way.Then I purchased the two volume biography of Martyn Lloyd-Jones by Iain Murray [Banner of Truth]. Lloyd-Jones? The name meant nothing to me. I read the first volume as a good story. Over the next weeks I felt a definite change within. The Holy Spirit, who alone can lead us to Christ Jesus, works through the ministry of the Doctor, Mr Murray, and many more Reformed preachers and theologians. For me it was most definitely a supernatural event. You don’t expect this in your mid-50s. I say to Ryan and Tony: Join a good Biblical Evangelical church; ‘pray constantly’ as the Lord Jesus commanded us; help organise a street preaching movement in your town or city; keep close to Dr Lloyd-Jones through his books and online sermons; read Iain Murray’s biographies of John McArthur, Arthur W Pink [Pink is very much a Spirit-anointed preacher and you can hear his sermons on Youtube], John Wesley, Jonathan Edwards and Charles Spurgeon. As well as the Bible, God’s inerrant Word, always have a Christian book by your bedside table, whether it is Calvin, George Whitefield, the Puritans, Spurgeon, Professor Donald MacLeod [Free Church of Scotland], Francis Schaeffer, Os Guinness, John Piper, RC Sproul, Robert L Reymond, Jim Packer, John M Frame, Sinclair B Ferguson, Geoffrey W Grogan, Alan Stibbs and many others. [Prior to Dr Lloyd-Jones I had never heard of these men.] Find a way of opening a permanent or a ‘pop-up’ Evangelical bookshop in your community. Ask your library to stock more Christian books. People today are starved of the Word of God. Even many Christians are ignorant of doctrine. They need to read good books on the Atonement such as ‘Precious Blood: The Atoning Work of Christ’ [Crossway Books] edited by Richard D Phillips. An open-air street witness on a Saturday is a good idea. We must confront and challenge the new atheism, so-called New Age, Wicca, spiritualism, occult magic and the cults. People are lost. The harvest is very great. We have Dr Lloyd-Jones’s ministry as a sign and promise of what our mighty God can do in Jesus Christ..

  4. I find the sermons of Martyn Lloyd-Jones clearly describe the true nature of sin and its effects which then provides a clearer understanding of the work of Christ. I have the Ephesians series in electronic form and am now excited about this online version of some of his Romans series.

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